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Dec. 18th, 2007 | 04:06 am
location: HOme,HOme
mood: content content

2 days the day i'm finally getting my braces off:(
shit it went bye soo fast i can't believe it's over!!
but yeah 
hen i look through al my old photo's and blogs eventhough how much of a hard time i was having 
i was still surrounded by peeps who were trying 2 cheer me up or showing that it is possible of acccomplishing my goals!
the sad thing is i didn't take it serously?
and i know i'm regetting it now
but life goe's on an i can make up all the mistakes i made 
an make it right to show the peeps who cared 4 me that i care back:D
4 now on when some one pops by unexpectly i will squeeze in @ xtra 20mins 2 chill
i will On a *SOCIAL over dose*
and i will squeeze in as much friends as possible 
i'm getting older 
no more scholl crushes:(
sad i know but it's time 2 grow up i shouldve actually wrote this down actually a long ago:)
but at least i know know what i want in life
which is??
i'm just Glad i didn't put my mind on one specific thing 
i love anyhting interesting soo i love pratically anything:)
i'm a total nerd:D



Jun. 26th, 2007 | 03:21 pm
location: l,c,n center mall
mood: ditzy ditzy
music: blue bird, ayumi hamasaki

hi hi 

just woke up had caffine?
watched a lil'television l.o.l
had a bong l.o.l got ready l.o.l had a smoke w/ariel l.o.l
then caught a ride w/ nicky 2 ma appointment l.o.l i got raised hell w/ by ma dentist if i misss another appoiment i get ma brace's off!!! scary!!! htey hurt like hell thoe it fucking hurt's l.o.l
well i was walking down tha street i seen hachi an her man l.o.l it was hilariouse!! shared a smoke with them an now i'm in l,c,n being bored l.o.l 
jade an cherry head stopped by l.o.l
an ashton an lane they also stopped bye


May. 23rd, 2007 | 07:39 pm
location: library,down town
mood: confused confused
music: umbrella,rihanna

2 day me an cora went down town an well we went to tha library i met up w/ cory but then katy an this guy kelly showed up then next thing u know he say's that i snagged him an all this crazy stuff i don't even remember that is sooo crazy he said that my jacket is in his closet but tha crazy thing about it is that i have all my jacket??  kay kay said that he looked like a creep that is funny cuz he did look one. he said that i slapped in his face cuz he would'nt go with me l.o.l that's 2 savage l.o.l

hi hi

Apr. 26th, 2007 | 04:58 pm
location: lethbridge,library
mood: happy happy
music: step you,ayumi hamasaki

hi hi i just my internet acess card right now & i'm just about to break it in right now.. 
maybe i'll post from a driffrent't computer cuz i'm standing righgt now & i'm 2 use to sittiing
bye bye


Apr. 7th, 2007 | 04:38 pm
location: ash's house
mood: bitchy bitchy
music: go go step/love boom

today i'm trying to upload ma pic's soo i can show em'off b-4 i get them developed i can't wait to take more pic's in the future!!!

keeping up?

Apr. 2nd, 2007 | 06:11 pm
location: sis's house
mood: irritated irritated
music: i should be lucky/ love boom

2 day me and ariel watched suupa gal'son youtube all the episodes were great now i feel like i  should go out an buy it/ cuz the main charater isn't into much material things/which is odd cuz anyone associated w/ shibuya usually is!!!

2 day

Mar. 21st, 2007 | 03:54 pm
location: lethbridge,centre
mood: cold cold
music: toxic,britney spears

2 day i expected to see everyone?
BUT NO ONE SHOWED/now i'm just on the look out 4 ma mum cuz she & ariel went to a school meeting?i think they may b down already?
i hpoe soooooooo



sooo boreing???

Feb. 9th, 2007 | 12:01 pm
location: lethbridge,centre
mood: aggravated aggravated
music: anywhere,knowwhere/ayumi hamasaki

hi hi' 2 day i was supposed 2 go 2 school but first i had 2 go 2 an appoitment?w/bonni 4like an hour, then i was totally freaking out cuz of the elevator ,2 i was in it alone @ first on the eight floor,then i just came down to get nail glue& ma cell phone stickz/ i got em' on sale cuz it's a x-mas tree!!!!!

maybe i'll write back later on!!!

finally finished!

Jan. 31st, 2007 | 04:52 pm
location: lethbridge centre
mood: accomplished accomplished
music: believe,nami tamaki

2 day was the last day 4 my module 2 b due & guesss what i totally finished that these past 3 days i just finished my exam 2hours ago& got ma latest module, holy seriously i thought i wouldn't b able to finish it i was pulling all niter's & trying 2 memerize as much as i could, but i'm happi it's over & done with.

soooo lil'time

Jan. 24th, 2007 | 02:39 pm
location: lethbridge,centre
mood: anxious anxious
music: anywhere'everwhere/ayumi hamasaki

hi hi 2 day i finally made it 2 school i finished most of my homework but now i found out i'll have 2 write an essay bout anything???it'll be due in about a few days i'm sooo scared!!!!i might just have 2 pull a 42 hour all nighter soo crazy but i'm up 2 it cuz it's 4 ma grades?? maybe i'll write back